Icon knowledges.png Agriculture
Knowledge 8
Research 200
Difficulty(s) 40
Workers 6 Farmers
Cost 20 Pottery
Prerequisite(s) Sedentism
Unlocks Fermentation

 •  Field (Gathering Camp/Farm Annex)


 •  Hoes (at Tool Maker)

Gathering Camp / Farm Fields
Field production also requires spending a Civilization Point in Cultural Skills for the required crop.

 •  Apples
 •  Bananas
 •  Beans
 •  Carrots
 •  Chickpeas
 •  Corn
 •  Cotton (with Weaving)
 •  Dates
 •  Figs
 •  Flax (with Weaving)
 •  Grapes
 •  Lettuce
 •  Potatoes
 •  Rice
 •  Tomatoes
 •  Wheat

Not enough food from gathering![]

Our people are starving! Our hunters do not manage to bring enough food for everyone anymore, and we quickly need to find a solution if we want the tribe to keep prospering. Urged by this situation, a young gatherer came forward and proposed something mind shattering to the elders of the tribe: why not make our own plants?

He explained how a few weeks ago, one of his piglets dropped a basket full of precious grain harvested in the morning in the muddy soil near his hut; and how they could only recover some of it. he bought them to the same patch of mud; from which now stood a few fresh and green plants bearing the same grain. 'If we cannot find enough plants to feed everyone anymore, then let us make our own!' he said.


  • Completing the mission Tribal Craftsmanship will give the idea for this knowledge as a reward.


Agriculture is a Knowledge in YMIR. Agriculture is one of the fundamental techs everyone should get.