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Economic Knowledge
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Required Work
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5 Artisans

 •  Merchant 2
 •  Market stand 1
 •  Tavern 2 (with Fermentation, Furniture making)


 •  Barter
 •  Fair Exchange
 •  Civil Servant Wages (with Governance)


 •  Coins
 •  State Workers

No more free meals![]

We could start exchanging goods of equivalent values for each service on the instant instead of sharing everything with anyone of the community hoping for later paybacks which becomes harder to track as the population increases: a gift economy can only be viable as long as all members of the community can build trust by knowing and remembering each other. Beyond that it creates much conflict and instability which could be reduced by transitioning to a system of immediate equivalent exchange.

Potential Requirements[]


With barter introduced, the piled up resources in the storage will have one of two owners. Every piece will be either yours or owned by the populace.

When the populace demands a resource for its Population needs, it will create demand. Demand is satisfied through stalls accessing fresh produce or through traders accessing stored resources in the inventory.

All stored resources can only be accessed by populace via traders. Populace owned resources in the storage can be instantly sold to you but they will not receive the money that way. If you want their wealth to increase by paying them, you have to pay for the fresh produce by creating a state order via inventory screen.

Differences With Gift economy[]


  • Increases productivity of your workers by 50% (generally from 0.8 to 1.2). Means higher food and resource production.
  • Barter lifts the conflict limitation. Means more population hence Culture(ideas influx) and food consumption. Also better worker to population ratio (more workers per piglet).


  • Initially, due to waste, you lose the income of workforce and resource production from all provinces(cities apart from capital). Attempting to sell to provincial population gives them the resources, but the profit from the sale is 100% lost in waste. Waste is mitigated by later researched techs like Portage(via docks buildings)(needs confirmation) and Governance(Local Authorities policy).
  • You will be motivated to make the population pay tribute to the kingdom leader. Every percent tribute lowers loyalty with 1.


  • Retain access to resources in capital and provinces. Allows you to buy resources from provinces with money made in the capital.
  • Retain income of culture from capital and provinces.


After barter, you will have to pay upkeep for army and buildings accordingly. It is a good idea to:

  • Stop production of resources you will not use in the next 2-3 days.
  • Destroy all unused buildings which will remain unused.
  • Destroy all councils you can without dropping below 30 loyalty. You may leave/build one council if a research is requiring officials.
  • Rearrange farm fields(annexes) so that every farm produces only 1 type of resource. If in gift economy optimal field count is 14.3 fields, after barter it will be 19 or 25.5 fields (depending on Stalls vs. Markets setup). (Please confirm the 14.3 (confirmed) and 25.5 numbers)
  • Open Policies > Power > Leadership, focus the databox and type something around 95.
  • Open Policies > Power > Privileges, focus the databox and type something up to 25. 25 is the max. This will increase your income at the cost of loyalty. 25% privileges will decrease the loyalty in all your cities by 25. Adjust accordingly.
  • Convert almost all armies to militia. Leave one for hunting, offense and suppressing unrest(boost loyalty).


  • In every city, build 1 Merchant. Set it to sell the hundreds of meat you have. The merchant, every tick(90 minutes) will consume 7, will try to sell up to 7, will destroy the rest of the 7. Adjust the slider accordingly or use less merchants.
  • Find all annexes attached to weavers and destroy them.It is currently a workaround for a bug that tries to sell textile to population that doesn't want it.
  • Open storage panel, click on a weapon, tick the "State resource" checkbox. Repeat for all weapons and building materials. This will reward your producers with wealth. The alternative is to pay a fanthom population to instantly get the resources you want and are present in the storage.
  • Aim to satisfy the population needs. You will get higher income, they will be able to consume more and be healthier.
  • Depending on SP, try to adjust population. Optimal number is around 600 for SP of 0.


Old Street McPhilosoph says: I know you have grown feelings for your pigs while in the communist society but this is capitalism now. Until you improve province's administration, provincial pigs are dead meat to you.