Icon ressources.png Bread
Type Resource
Produced by Bakery
Made from Flour, Water (and fuel)
Used by Population

Bread is a food made from powdered Wheat mixed with water, then baked to render it more edible. It is a type of food.

Bread is unlike other foods it cant be gathered naturally from the land like the other foods can. It is also the only food that has to be processed into its final form (Bread).

Bread comes into play around the Bronze age by this point in time trade links can be established possibly giving everyone access to Wheat thus opening the possibility of Bread production up for everyone.

Bread requires Flour, Water and a fuel to produce.

Bread is baked in the Bakery

Bread is more efficient to produce than Wheat is so you can convert all your Wheat into bread in order to feed more porcos. likewise since its another food type it can bu used together with Wheat to give your porcos more variety of food thus increasing their health (and thus reducing sickness increasing your populous).

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