Icon ressources.png Bread
Unlocked by Bread leavening
Type Resource
Produced by Bakery
Made from Flour, Water, fuel
Used by Population

Bread is a food made from powdered grains mixed with water, then baked to render it more edible. It is a type of food.

Bread is unlike other foods - it can't be gathered directly from the land, and needs to be processed in two steps, first from a grain (Wheat, Rice or Corn) into Flour at the Mill, then baked into Bread at the Bakery.

Bread can first be produced in the Bronze age. Every climate except for Nordic has access to one of the grains needed for making flour, so most nations should be able to produce or trade for flour ingredients.

Bread satisfies the food need for Porcos better (per unit of food used) than the foods used to produce flour, at the cost of using more Porcos in the production chain. Turning all farmed grains into Flour, then Bread, is an efficient way to use spare Porcos in order to increase total available food. This is improved further if both the grain and Bread are consumed, since each extra food consumed reduces the total need for all other foods.


Recipe Cost per Unit Produced
Workforce Flour Water Fuel
Bread 1 0.25 0.1 0.3 Wood
0.05 Charcoal

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