Icon knowledges.png Brigandine
Knowledge 60
Research 2000
Difficulty(s) 100
Workers 5 Blacksmiths
Cost 700 Coins
5 Axes
10 Leather
6 Bronze

 •  Brigandines (at Weapon Maker)

A coat of plates[]

Scale armors are vulnerable to piercing attacks and upward blows. Despite a slight loss of flexibility, what if instead of having visible scales on top of each other we designed an armor where the scales are sewn indepently to a padded leather cloth and covered by another layer of fabric to hide them, making the whole more resistant to piercing thanks to the leather and the impossibility to slip the point of a weaping through gaps between scales?

Potential Requirements[]

  • Currently unknown.
This page references the Knowledge Brigandine. For the object created, please see Brigandines.[]