Bronze is a Resource and the cornerstone metal of the Bronze Age. It is unlocked by researching the Bronze working Knowledge.

Bronze is an alloy of Copper and tin created in the Foundry. It is required for the main tool of the Bronze Age, the Shovel, as well as most weapons and armor researched in the Bronze Age. It can also be used to replace Copper in Copper Age recipes like Axes or Spears at a lower material cost. Bronze is much stronger than its component materials, and is very corrosion resistant.


Recipe Building


Cost per Unit Produced
Workforce Copper Bar Tin Bar Fuel
Bronze 1 1.0 0.8 0.2 1 Charcoal
1 Coke

Production of Resources using Bronze[]

Product Bronze cost per unit
Axes 0.7
Shovels 1.2
Light helmets 0.3
Spears 0.3
Cuirasses 1.6
Heavy helmets 1.2
Shortsword 0.8
Battleaxes 0.4
Scale armors 2
Metal shields 0.8