The Clay Exploiter is a Building that becomes available upon researching the Knowledge Pottery.

It can harvest Clay from clay terrain tiles in its vicinity.

Clay is an important resource used in producing Pottery, constructing advanced Buildings and sustaining administrative buildings (e.g. Elders Council).


Appearance Building Level Unlocked By Build Cost Base Efficiency Tile Radius Workers Profession Movable
Claycamp 1 1.png 1 Pottery 2 Hammers 1.0 5 3 Miner Red x.svg
Claycamp 2 1.png 2 Builders 3 Hammers

5 Wood

1.5 7 3 Miner Red x.svg
Claycamp 3 1.png 3 Mining Tools 2 Axes

3 Planks

2.0 10 3 Miner Red x.svg
Claypit 3 1.png Annex


Underground Mining 5 Shovels

3 Planks

- Any - - Red x.svg
Claycamp 4 1.png 4 Heavy quarrying 3 Saws

5 Planks

3.0 10 3 Miner Red x.svg


Resource Building


Need per Unit Gathered Yield per Tile


Workforce Clay
Clay 1 1.5 20 tiles* 0.05

* Gathering tiles does not consume them over time. However, obstructing a tile with a building or Claypit annex will prevent it from being harvested by any Clay Exploitations even if they are within range


Once unlocked, Claypits greatly increase the yield per tile that can be achieved by Level 3+ Clay Exploitations. However, they can only be constructed on flat, uninterrupted regions of Clay that meet the space and buffer requirements.

Resource Gathering Rate Need per Active Annex Yield Increase

(tile equivalent)

Workforce Space Buffer
Clay 2.0 1.1 3 x 3 tiles 2 tiles +35 Clay tiles