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Conflict is a Game concept in Ymir. Each Territory has it's own Conflict value, it has a negative effect on Loyalty, and Population in the territory.

Conflict represents the level of random conflicts between the people of the territory. Active government civics and services in the territory such as Justice can help reduce it.


Conflict = Base Conflict * (100% + Territory Modifier) * (100% + Sum(Policy Effects) ) * (100% + Service Effects)


  • Base conflict - The total population in the territory generates conflict.
Unknown calculation
  • Territorial status
    • City +0%
    • Colony +0%
    • Outpost +400%



  • Services in the territory, like Magistrature.png Justice, can reduce the final conflict level, depending on how well population has access to them.
  • Services is a percentage reduction calculated after applying policy reduction.
Justice: Reduction% = 35 * Access%

The Effect Of Conflict


A high number of Conflict mean a larger % of your population will be kill

1 conflict = 0.3%


By each point of Icon conflict.png Conflict you have, you lose 1 point of Icon loyalty.png Loyalty

Notes and Tips


The conflict in the very early game would not be very annoying, it will be when you get around 400-500 population

and them you will be "forced" to switch from a Gift economy to a Fair Exchange, removing De facto 200% of your Conflict

(Gift economy give you a penalty of +150% population conflict & Fair Exchange give you a bonus of -50% population conflict)


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