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Copper is a Resource and the cornerstone metal of the Copper age. It is always present on the map but becomes visible after researching the Metallurgy Knowledge.

Copper ore can be mined from commonly found copper deposits on the ground by the Mining camp. It can be turned into copper bars (referred to as Copper in game) by the Foundry, using Wood, Charcoal or Coke as fuel.

Copper is used to produce Axes, the main tool of the Copper age, as well as a variety of weapons and armor. Copper can be used to replace Flint when producing Hammers and Hoes, though the relative abundance and low price of flint makes this unprofitable in most cases.

Copper remains an important resource throughout the Bronze age as it is required alongside Tin to make Bronze.


Building Cost per Copper produced
Workforce Copper Ore Charcoal/Coke Wood
Foundry 3.0 1.5 1.0 3.0