Cows are a source of meat and leather.


Animals in Ymir are a source of meat and leather and can be found in four forms :

  1. As a region square harvestable with the hunter building chain
  2. As a herd roaming on the world map which the player can either hunt or capture
  3. As an army unit as a result of a random event while exploring the world map
  4. As an inventory item obtained by capturing a herd, breeding or a capture made by your hunters

While hunting a herd and the hunter building gives meat and leather directly, animals in inventory form have to be processed in the butcher building.

note: disbanding an army unit animal will turn it into its inventory form and the player will not be able to recruit it anymore.


Cows can be found in the following climates :


New animals are bred over time in the cattle farm's annex, the pasture.

A paddock with empty room and a worker is required to store new animals.

Each pasture will require one animal of the same type to be built.

Cows can be bred in the following climates :

Cows produce the most leather of any animal in these climates, but require the most space to do so.