The Docks are a building available in the Copper age. It becomes available after researching the Portage Knowledge.

The Docks building is the naval version of the Caravanserai. It is used to produce Cargo which is a resource used for trading between cities.

The building has to be adjacent to 3 water tiles with a minimum depth of 2 in order to function. Not every coast will meet this requirement, but after Construction foremanship is researched, water level along the coast can be lowered with Shovels to allow for construction in most coasts.

For details on setting up trade routes, please see the Guide: Setting up trade.

Appearance Building Level Unlocked By Build Cost Base Efficiency Profession Movable
Docks 2 1.png 1 Portage 3 Axes

10 Wood

6 Mud

2.5 4 Traders Red x.svg
Docks 3 1.png 2 Pack animals 3 Shovels

10 Wood

6 Mud

4 Stone

4.5 4 Traders Red x.svg
Docks 4 1.png 3 Trade wagons 3 Saws

6 Plaster

6 Planks

5 Stoneblocs

6 4 Traders Red x.svg