Icon expansion.png Expansion Points are a Game Mechanic that was introduced in The Research Overhaul Update[1]. It controls how many Territories you are able to maintain.

Obtaining Expansion Points[]

Expansion Points are gained through various Policies and certain Knowledges.


The following Policies give Expansion Points:

Policy Type Unlocked By Expansion Points
Gift Economy
Band society Power Policy n/a +2
Leadership Power Policy Leadership +2
Territorial Control Power Policy Territorial Control +1
Copper Age
Barter Economic Policy Barter +1
Town Administration Economic Policy Town Administration +1
Currency Economic Policy Currency +1
Council Power Policy Council +1
Bronze Age
Coinage Economic Policy Coinage +1
Authentication Seals Economic Policy Authentication Seals +1
Regional Administration Power Policy Regional Administration +6
Iron Age
Ministry Power Policy Governance +1
City Administration Economic Policy City Administration +1
Postal Service Economic Policy Postal Service +2
Republic ? Republic +3
Democracy ? Democracy +3
Prefects ? Prefects +3
State Departments Economic Policy State Departments +1
Archiving Economic Policy Archiving +1


The following Knowledge gives Expansion Points:

Knowledge Expansion Points
Authentication Seals +1
Territorial Control +1
Town Administration +1
Village Center +1
Postal Service +2
City Administration +1
State Departments +1
State Records +1


The following Territory status Cost Expansion Points:

Knowledge Expansion Points
Outpost -1
Hamlet -2
Village -3
Town -4
City -5