The Flint Collector is a Building available from the start of the game. It extracts Flint out of gravel found on the ground inside a tile. The Flint produced must then be manufactured into basic stone tools like Hammers or Hoes by a Tool maker.

The Flint collector can also extract Obsidian from obsidian deposits inside a tile. Obsidian can not be used by the Tool maker to manufacture tools, instead it is used by Weapon maker to produce Macana and Topilli, weapons used to equip Eagle Warriors and Pitsotls respectively. Note that construction of the aforementioned weapons is only possible after researching the Knowledge for Obsidian weaponry, but extraction of obsidian is possible without it.

The flint collector does not have a construction cost associated with it.

Age Base Efficiency Workers Output Picture Resource Cost Knowledge
Stone 1.0 2 Miners Flint


Flint 1 1.png None None