Growth represents the current demographic evolution of your population in this region. It determines the effective evolution of your population and the gain or loss of adult Porcos that can work in buildings to make them function properly.

Growth depends of 2 main factors:

- Breeding will of the population determines how many sows will have children within the next generation, and therefore the amount of new piglets being born.

- Health of the population determines their survival to sickness, and how many Piglets will survive and reach adulthood.

Breeding Will[]

Breeding Will is the percentage of sows who decided to have piglets.

Breeding Will is calculated:

Fertility * Basic Breeding Rate - Intelligence Influence - Total Population Effect - Piglets per Sow Influence + Small City Boost - Missing Vital Needs Influence

Fertility is usually 8

Basic Breeding Rate is 100%

Intelligence Influence = Intelligence / 2

Total Population Effect = Population / 50

Piglets Per Sow Influence normalizes toward 50%. That is 10 piglets per 6 sows.

Small City Boost is 100% at 10 population. (confirmation required)

Missing Vital Needs Influence = ( 100% - Vital Needs Satisfaction ) / 2

Vital Needs[]

Vital needs are the category of population needs of the highest priority. They are composed of primary needs required for basic survival: food access and water access.

Without vital needs satisfied, not only will the fulfillment of needs of lower priorities be useless, but your population will die of starvation and stop breeding piglets resulting in a negative Growth and population decay.

Maintaining a good % of vital needs satisfaction is one of the first and most critical tasks to manage your territories.

Missing vital needs influence = ( 100 - Vital needs satisfaction ) / 2

Vital needs satisfaction depends on Vegetables, Meat and Water availability. Every porco wants certain amount of Veggies, Meat and Water. If less than that are produced/available, his satisfaction decreases.

Basic Breeding Rate[]

At 100%, a sow that decides to breed will (normally) have 8 piglets. Number of men affect it.


Piglets are the children of the community.

Piglets reach adulthood in one generation (30 minutes in a real time server and one day in a persistant server).

Piglets do not work.

The number of piglets born depends on the Breeding rate.

The number of piglets reaching adulthood depends on Health.

Life Quality[]

Life quality is a variable of your population representing how rich and comfortable the life of Porcos is. It is an important population variable and working towards improving it is a necessary practice. Life Quality is the main factor in Civilization Point generation and speed.

Life quality is increased by:

Affects positively:


Intelligence is a population variable that represents the complexity and knowledges of a Porco's mind.

Intelligence is increased by:

Affects positively:

  • Emergence of new Ideas
  • Success odds of Projects

Affects negatively:

Intelligence influence = Intelligence / 2

Consumable Resources[]

Consumable resources are resources that can be distributed and consumed directly by your population.