The Gathering Camp or Farm is a gathering building available from the start of the game. It can exploit naturally-occurring Crop tiles within its radius to produce either food crops, which satisfy the Tier 1 Vital Need for Food access, or resource crops that serve as important industrial inputs. When building a Farm, each cluster of Crop tiles in your territory will be marked with a waypoint to help with placement.

With the discovery of Agriculture, Farms can begin constructing Field Annexes that link back to them from any distance. Note that you must have the production civic for the resource unlocked to add an Annex of that resource. Each Annex requires a fixed amount of Workforce to exploit, and produces substantially more resources when placed on tiles with high Fertility ratings. For that reason, players often pay extremely close attention to the Fertility map when placing Field Annexes and other buildings that could block them.

Upgrading a Farm improves its base Efficiency, allowing each Farmer to work more field Annexes, thus increasing the max number of fields a farm can work. It's recommended for players to use the Annex Tool to re-allocate their existing fields across fewer Farms (and consequently fewer Farmers) each time Efficiency increases. Improving Efficiency does not change the amount of resources produced by Crop tiles or Field Annexes.


Appearance Building Level Unlocked By Build Cost Base Efficiency Tile Radius Workers Profession Movable
Farm 1 1.png 1 Free 1 Hammers 1.0 15 3 Farmer Green check.svg
Annex field 1 1.png Annex Agriculture 1 Hoes

1 Crop

- Any - - Green check.svg
Farm 2 1.png 2 Plant Selection


(Mud Building)

2 Axes

2 Mud

2 Hoes

2 Wood

1.3 10 3 Farmer Green check.svg
Farm 3 1.png 3 Ard

Bronze Working

2 Shovels

3 Planks

4 Hoes

2 Stone

1.6 10 3 Farmer Red x.svg
Farm 4 1.png 4 Plough

Iron Working


3 Saws

2 Ploughs

2 Stoneblocs

5 Planks

2.0 10 3 Farmer Red x.svg


Resource Building


Need per Unit Gathered Yield per Tile


Workforce Plants
Any Crop 1 2.0 64 tiles* 0.15

* Gathering tiles does not consume them over time. However, obstructing a tile with a building or Field Annex will prevent it from being harvested by any Farms even if they are within range of it

Population supported per farmer[]

Estimates of how much population each farmer and farm can support assuming that the farm they work on is at base efficiency*.

Building Level Base Efficiency Estimated supported pop Notes
1 1.0
2 1.5
3 2.0
4 3.0


To determine how much food you can gather from a single Gathering Camp, add up the Fertility from all of its linked Annexes. If you have at least the "Starting Fertility" it will produce 0.1 units, then substract that Fertility and divide the rest by the "Scaling Fertility Cost" to find the remaining production.

Resource Gathering Rate

per Fertility*

Need per Active Annex Sum Across Linked Annexes
Workforce Space Starting Fertility

(First 0.1 Units)

Scaling Fertility Cost

(Each +0.1 Units After)

Food Crops 0.031 1/8 8 x 8 tiles 1.7 3.2
Apples 0.031 1/8 8 x 8 tiles 1.7 3.2
Grapes 0.031 1/8 8 x 8 tiles 1.7 3.2
Barley 0.062 1/8 8 x 8 tiles 0.9 1.6
Sugarcane 0.062 1/8 8 x 8 tiles 0.9 1.6
Cotton 0.062 1/8 8 x 8 tiles 0.9 1.6
Flax 0.062 1/8 8 x 8 tiles 0.9 1.6
Olives ? 1/8 8 x 8 tiles
Truffle - - - - -
Papyrus 0.062 1/8 8 x 8 tiles 0.9 1.6

* Annex output is solely determined by the Fertility of the tiles underneath it and doesn't scale with improvements to Building Efficiency or Workforce