Icon knowledges.png Governance
Knowledge 35
Research 150
Difficulty(s) 50
Workers 6 Officials
Cost ???

 •  Dirt road


 •  Regional Administration
 •  Governors (with Currency)
 •  Senate (with Currency)
 •  Civil Servant Wages (with Barter)
 •  Parliament (with Currency)
 •  Ministry (with Currency)
 •  Subvention (with Currency)
 •  Paid researchers (with Currency)

Territorial Status

 •  Outpost (with Fair Exchange)

Organizing the power[]

We are no longer a small tribe: our society has grown more and more complex, with always more people and more things to manage and maintain... While a single leader can no longer attend to all the issues and matters that require attention and know all the skills, on the other hand projects that affect the whole society such as maintaining expensive common structures cannot be dealt with by independent individuals on their own and require a common organization.

Maybe its time to reorganize and formalize the leadership of our people, and to learn how to delegate tasks to better manage everything: what if we created a new kind of class of Porcos to lead the rest ?

Potential Requirements[]