The government budget is a key component of a State as it determines the variation of its treasury funds and its ability for the Government to fulfill its obligations and maintain itself.

The treasury is the total amount of coins your government owns. If the treasury (of workforce balance in gift-economy) goes into negative, growing penalties arise which can lead to total State collapse and thus the player's elimination.

Economic policies define how the economy of your society is currently organized as well as controlling budget variables such as tax rates or salaries.

Budget variables[]

Leader's personal wealth

  • Income based on the % contributed under Leadership.

Tax income


Building upkeep

  • Total upkeep cost of all buildings in all your territories.

Infrastructure upkeep

  • Total cost of maintaining all the infrastructures of all your territories such as walls or roads.

Unit upkeep

  • Total upkeep of all units in all your formations.



  • Coins sent or received from other states through your currently actives treaties.

Civics maintenance

  • Total cost of maintaining all your currently active civics.

Current projects


  • Taxes from/to subordinates/superior. Tied to subjugation and Nation rank.

Trade balance

  • The trade balance across all your territories from all your current trade routes.
    • State Resources bought and sold
    • Importations
    • Exportations
    • Cargo