Icon ressources.png Grapes
Type Resource, Luxury good
Found in Continental and Mediterranean
Produced by Gathering camp or Farm
Made from Natural patches and Fields
Used for Wine
Used by Vineyard

Grapes are a Crop and a resource. It can be rarely found and grown in Continental and Mediterranean Climates.

Grapes can be used to fulfill the Pleasure Foods Need, or processed into Wine by the Vineyard to fulfill the Alcohol Need.

A Civilization Point in IconCustoms.png Cultural Customs is required for your population to consume Grapes, and another point in IconSkills.png Cultural Skills in order to be grown in fields at Gathering Camps or Farms. It can always be gathered from wild crops without requiring a point investment into IconSkills.png Cultural Skills.

Using Grapes to produce Wine requires Wine (Knowledge) to be researched before it can be produced/consumed.


The natural patches seem to be quite loose but still more densely packed then Apples, and a typical patch can be fully exploited by a single gathering camp.

The gather rate for natural patches lies between XX and XX

The Gather rate for fields lies between 0.1 and 0.2 the gather rates seem to match the gather rates for other crops found in the chart of Field

The fields however are exploited more efficiently by the Gathering camp compared to food crops, allowing twice as many fields.

Production Chain[]

Climate Distribution[]

Terrain Grows
Continental X
Mediterranean X