Health is a statistic that represents the physical well being of a Porco. Porcos with lower Health rating are more likely to die to sickness early. Increasing Health reduces deaths to sickness and effectively increases growth in a city.

Increasing Health[]

Health is primarily increased by providing housing for Porcos, providing multiple kinds of foods, and by constructing buildings that provide access to services that increase Health. Housing provides a health bonus to the Porcos living in that house, and higher level houses provide a larger bonus. Each type of food a Porco has access to provides a bonus of up to 3 health, scaling with how much demand of that food a Porco can afford. Health services such as doctors provide a health bonus to Porcos, scaling with how much demand of that service a Porco can afford.

Territories settled on Nordic climate have a base +5 Health bonus, to make up for Nordic climates only being able to grow two food crops.

Decreasing Health[]

Health is decreased by Porcos living in slums, by growing a territory's population, and by not meeting the vital needs of Porcos. Slums provide a flat -5 Health to Porcos living in that house, for a minimum difference of 11 Health between a Porco living in a slum and a Porco living in the earliest house researched.

Population size also decreases the entire territory's health. This means a territory's population size will plateau as the Health decrease from increased size eventually counteracts Health increases from other sources.

Porcos whose vital needs are not being met have a percentage of total Health subtracted. Not meeting either food or water needs at all will cause Porcos to have a -100% Health effect, decreasing their health to 0.

Territories settled on Tropical climates have a base -5 Health penalty, to make up for Tropical climates being able to grow 4 different types of food crops.

Territories settled on Polar climates have a base -25 Health penalty.

List of services that increase Health[]