The Hunter is a gathering building available from the start of the game. It will harvest any Herd tiles (but not Animal units) within its radius to produce Meat and Leather. When building a Hunter, all Herd tiles in your territory will be marked with a waypoint to help with placement. The type of animals shown does not affect gathering performance.

When settling your first City, you must select a territory with at least 1 Herd tile available in order to complete the starting Tutorial. Without that, you will not be able to learn Sedentism or begin researching any technologies.

Unlike most gathering buildings, level upgrades for the Hunter only reduce the number of Workers required and have very little effect on how much Meat and Leather you can gather from each Herd tile. As a result, Hunter output will generally only increase when you make Policy changes that improve the efficiency of all buildings (such as revoking Food Rationing or adopting Barter).

For similar reasons, you should avoid building Meat Market stands (with Barter) since they have a negative impact on Hunter output. Meat Merchants can be used to sell the same goods for no penalty, along with any stockpiles you've gathered from other sources.


Appearance Building Level Unlocked By Build Cost Base Efficiency Workers Profession
Hunter 1 1.png 1 Free 1 Hammers

2 Wood

1.0 4 Hunter
Hunter 2 1.png 2 Javelin

Domestic Dog

1 Hammers

2 Wood

3 Javelins

1.4 3 Hunter
Hunter 3 1.png 3 Iron Working



2 Saws

3 Bows

3 Spears

3 Planks

2.2 2 Hunter
Hunter 4 1.png 4 Iron Working


Horseback riding


2 Saws

3 Longbows

3 Planks

3 Spears

2.6 2 Hunter


Resource Building


Need per Unit Gathered
Workforce Herds
Meat 1 2.0 1 tile*
Leather 1 6.0 1 tile*

* Each Herd tile has a theoretical capacity of 6.0 Meat and 2.0 Leather per tick, assuming you could generate enough Workforce. Gathering from tiles does not consume them over time; but all animals on the tile despawn once the population reaches 800.