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Iron is a Resource and the main metal of the Iron Age. It is always present on the map but becomes visible once the Iron working Idea is obtained, and smelting becomes possible after research of the Knowledge is completed.

Iron ore can be mined from somewhat commonly found iron deposits on the ground by the Mining camp. Iron can also be mined from mineshaft Annexes but only after Iron working is researched. It can be turned into iron bars (referred to as Iron in game) by the Foundry, using Charcoal or Coke as fuel.

Iron is primarily used to produce Saws, the main tool of the Iron Age, as well as a variety of weapons and armor. It is also needed to produce Steel, the most advanced metal. Iron can be used to replace Bronze, Copper or Flint in any production.


Building Cost per Iron produced
Workforce Iron Ore Charcoal/Coke
Foundry 5.0 1.0 2.0