Icon knowledges.png Iron Working
Knowledge 120
Research 1200
Difficulty(s) 60
Workers 5 Metallurgists
Cost 450 Coins
40 Charcoal
40 Iron

 •  Large house 3 (with Masonry, Plaster (Knowledge), Property)
 •  Hunter 3 (with Archery, Spear)
 •  Tool maker 3
 •  Forum 3 (with Masonry)
 •  Tavern 4 (with Fermentation, Coinage, Furniture making, Plaster (Knowledge))
 •  Tax collector 4 (with Taxation, Plaster)
 •  Farm 4 (with Plough, Stonecutting)
 •  Scribe 4 (with Phonetic writting, Stonecutting)


 •  Saws (at Tool Maker)
 •  Iron (at Foundry)

A new metal[]

What if there is more metals we havn't discovered yet? Some red stones seem to hide a different metal we know nothing off, but that seem to be considerably harder to extract and work with. However making bronze out of Copper and the rarer Tin is a complicated process that makes us rely on 2 different metals and dependent on trade. Maybe this new metal, while harder to extract, could be an alternative to Bronze?

Potential Requirements[]

  • You need to have iron ore stockpiled.


Iron working is a late-game tech that allows you to make use of iron and enable several new buildings.