This guide is directed for intermediate players, who have a firm grasp of basic game concepts, in solo games, where ideas and knowledges are generally scarcer. This guide provides a few generalized steps you can take to troubleshoot why you aren't getting certain ideas.

General Tips for Getting Ideas[]

or: Help! I can't get idea XYZ

Ideas are generated by your porcos under certain requirements. Although not transparent (where's the fun in that?) to the player, they seem to be context sensitive. One of the first things you may have noticed is that if you have a deficit water supply, you'll quickly get the idea for Well, whereas on some starts, say next to a coast or river, it may be a long time before the idea of digging for water occurs to your porcos when they can just get it for free from the surface.

However, that principle is not always applicable to all ideas. Ideas are also locked behind certain gates. For example, Mud Building requires your population to have an intelligence of 20 (a population's base intelligence is 10). When in doubt, raise your porc's intelligence through improving their life quality, culture, and total knowledges. In the mid-late game, there are also services like School and Academia which raises intelligence proportionate to consumption, although life in quality is generally the preferred method of raising intelligence. In order of significance, that means building enough Houses for all of your porcos, supplying their Needs, and ensuring you don't have any Policies which lower it.

Military ideas tend to be gate-keeped against two additional things: units and production. Thus, Archery needs javalineers (aim for 30) AND a production of javalins. To get each successive idea (ie: padded armour->scale armour->cuirass->laminar...), have a decent number of the current highest tier armour units and be producing it in a high Life Quality city.

Certain ideas also require you to build more than one building. Furniture 3's Glue for example definitely requires 2 furniture makers, and Plaster needs 2 builders.

Lastly, if you've fulfilled all these requirements and still don't see an idea pop up, give it some time. Certain ideas (ie padded armour) have a very slight chance of popping up. Ensure you have all the right requirements, keep having the correct pop type employed (pop classes that disappear and reappear lose all their intelligence and it takes a long time to bring them back up to speed),

TODO: Metallurgy, Agriculture

Knowledges and Research[]


It is unclear how the new research mechanics work; it is possible to research a 0% project and have it succeed occasionally, but very occasionally (as in, after a few hours in single player at 20x speed). Most innovations are a money sink, so only start those projects if you can afford to keep them going indefinitely.