Icon knowledges.png Leadership
Knowledge 8
Research 100
Difficulty(s) 40
Workers 6 Officials
Corequisite Elder's council

 •  Dirt Road
 •  Chief's Hut 1


 •  Governance


 •  Leadership
 •  Government Salaries
 •  Protector of the people
 •  Political Bribes
 •  Nepotism
 •  Terror Patrols
 •  Summary Executions

Territorial Status

 •  Territory
 •  Outpost


Formation Type
 •  National Army
 •  Settlers

One Porco to rule them all[]

All these talks to try convincing everyone of the tribe to do anything are just taking too long. Too much talking, too much negociating, too much time wasted. Some are more worthy to rule than others, anyways... And it should be you, of course, you just know it! All you could do if you weren't slowed down by having to convince everyone else every time... It was fine before, but now the village has grown and there's just too many people.

Potential Requirements[]

  • This one typically comes with time. As of now, there don't appear to be any requirements. An elder's council built in your city seem to accelerate the appearance of this knowledge.

With the recent Biggest Update you will no longer directly get the policies, you will now have to do a event that will give you the policies ( you will need 25 houses, 20 anorment, and 20 javelin)