Loyalty is a number that varies between 0-100 and is present in every city. (at least, the player's city[to confirm]). Its change is measured in social cycles (4 hours), with incremental changes.

The more it is, the better it will be.But, if your Loyalty drops below 30 you may have a Rebellion and lose the city if you fail to defend it.



  • Cultural Balance - Based on the cities current Culture level.
% state culture - % local culture - % foreign culture = +/- Cultural Balance


  • Legitimacy - Refers directly to the legitimacy of your government
  • State power - Is equal to half the state power of your government, or if it is negative, directly that value.
  • High taxes - Any tax rate over 25 will cause increasing negative loyalty.
  • Privileges - A negative value directly related to the value of Privileges set for your leader.


  • State troops - Positive value based on the strength of the army in this territory
  • Guards - Positive value which is equal to the amount of Guarding resource produced by the territory.
  • Local garrison - Negative value based on the strength of the local militia
  • Amount of population - Negative value = 10% of Active Population.
  • Conflict - Negative value = to current territory conflict.


  • Revolts - Positive value received after suppressing a revolt
  • State events - Recent events effecting the territory. Such as changing to an outpost.
  • Resistance! - Negative value directly related to the current resistance of the territory.