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return {
	strength = {
		"A procedurally calculated score based on all of the units stats to estimate its overall level of combat abilities."
	toughness = {
		"The resistance of the unit to damage. The higher the toughness is compared to the received damage, the lower the odds of being killed by the hit."
	armor = {
		"Gives chances to deflect enemy hits. Odds are increased versus ranged attacks."
	melee_skill = {
		"Offensive & Defensive Melee Skill",
		"The ability to hit enemies or dodge their attacks in melee attacks. Chances to hit depends on the differences between the offensive skill of the attacker and the defensive skill of the defender."
	melee_damage = {
		"Melee Damage & Attack Speed",
		"The amount of damage inflicted to the enemy when successfully hit with a melee attack. Attack speed etermines the average amount of attacks dealt per turn.<br/>Damage above 5 gives an <i>armor piercing</i> bonus reducing the enemy's armor saving rate."
	melee_reach = {
		"Represents the maximum distance at which the unit can strike its enemy in melee attacks. A higher reach than the opponents gives a skill bonus to hit.<br/>A reach above 2 also gives a bonus to hit in melee against units of higher mass (Example: Spears vs Cavalry)."
	ranged_skill = {
		"Ballistic Skill",
		"The ability to hit distant enemies in ballistic attacks. Difficulty is increased by <b>distance of the target</b> and its <b>movement speed</b>."
	ranged_damage = {
		"Ballistic Damage & Attack Speed",
		"The amount of damage inflicted to the enemy when successfully hit with a ballistic attack. <b>Attack speed</b> determines the average amount of attacks dealth per turn.<br/>Damage <b>above 5</b> gives an <i>armor piercing</i> bonus reducing the enemys armor saving rate."
	ranged_range = {
		"For ballistic attacks, the maximum distance in terrain tiles this unit can target enemies."
	movement = {
		"The movement speed of the unit on the battlefield. It also affects the <b>overall movement speed</b> of the formation in the worldmap."
	mass = {
		"The mass of the unit combined with its speed gives a damage bonus when charging and a skill bonus in melee combat versus lighter units."
	carrying_capacity = {
		"Carrying Capacity",
		"The amount of resources this unit can carry. The formations inventory capacity is the <i>sum of all its units carrying capacity</i>."