Money is a social construct and a unit used by societies to quantify value. It is usually manifested in physical form as a currency, which can be accumulated, stored or exchanged.

Currencies usually evolve from being miscellaneous commodities such as foods into commodities sectioned for their properties of durability, compactness and scarcity such as precious metals like Gold.

Currencies can then become standardized by the State as coins which are metal ingots of normalized weights and composition stroke by its Government with a seal to attest it. This process improves the ease of measuring, comparing, and exchanging value in the society, which favors more trade and the development of increasingly complex economics.

Coins can then evolve to become debt-based by relying on people trusting the State issuing them to guarantee their redeemability into goods inside the economy it controls. This gives them value beyond the metal commodity constituting the coins themselves.