The Oceanic Climate is a temperate climate often near the ocean. Oceanic regions often form the border between Nordic regions and Continental regions.

Oceanic regions tend to be mostly flat and are mostly made up of grasslands and forests. They have fewer sources of Flint than other regions, making early tool building more difficult than in other climates. They also rely on Wool from Sheep to make Textiles, as they lack access to farmable sources of cloth.

Fertility in the Oceanic climate is generally high, mostly around 3, but with patches of 4 and 2. Oceanic regions feature the second-highest fertility in the world after the silt that is found along waterways in Arid and Desert regions. This and the overall lack of gravel patches makes Oceanic regions perfectly suited for farming Food Crops and breeding Animals. Oceanic regions can grow the same food crops that can be grown in Continental regions, but they lack access to Grapes and Cotton crops, and replace Llama with Sheep.