All porcos in a region will be divided into classes depending on where they work.

Raw Materials[]

Workers extracting materials.

Class Building
Hunter Hunter
Farmer Farms Well Paddocks Cattle farm
Sailor Fisherpig
Woodcutter Woodcutter
Miner Flint collector Clay exploitation Stonecutter Camp Mining Camp Soil miner


Workers producing final goods for the population or state.

Class Building
Farmer Charcoal clamp
Miner Brickworks Sawmill Kiln
Metallurgist Foundry Steel mill
Artisan Wine cellar Cloth maker Brewery Weaver Cider mill
Toolmaker 1 Weapon maker 1 Butcher Tannery Potter
Blacksmith Toolmaker 2+ Weapon maker 2+


Workers providing services for the population.

Class Building
Trader Granary Warehouse Caravanserai Market Docks
Official Tribal council Magistrate Tax Collector
Doctor Doctor
Scribe Scribe
Artist Theater
Teacher School

State Workers[]

Workers working for your state. Using the State workers policy will pay workers of this population.

Class Building
Official Tribal council Magistrate Tax Collector Elders circle*
Scribe Scribe
Guard Tower
Builders Builders
Architect Architect
Philosopher Academia

Employs Oldpigs *


Citizens who do not work. Among these inactives are

Inactive House
Piglet House
Sow House