In Ymir, Porcos have various needs organized into 4 priority tiers. Satisfied needs increase the Life Quality of your Porcos.

Every need, except for water, can be satisfied by multiple consumable resources. Every resource used to satisfy the same need increases Life Quality, and decreases the amount of other resources needed to fully satisfy that same need. For example, providing enough Meat to satisfy 100% of ideal demand will fully satisfy the food need and provide a Life Quality bonus of 1. Adding access to a second food, such as Wheat, will provide further Life Quality (up to a bonus of 1 if the ideal demand for wheat is also met) as well as reduce the amount of meat demanded to fully satisfy the food need.

The highest priority category is called Vital needs and is composed of the needs required for basic survival: food and water. Vital needs are a critical factor in influencing population Growth and also increase Health, further increasing growth by decreasing deaths to sickness.

Lower priority needs require more expensive resources but provide more Life Quality. Each need provides the same amount of Life Quality as its priority tier number when fully met.

Satisfying the needs of a lesser priority category when a higher priority category is not fully met will cause a penalty to the life quality increase of the lower priority needs, increasing the less the higher priority needs are met. For example, if the tier 3 luxury foods need is met at 100%, but the tier 2 furnishing need is met at 0%, the life quality gain from luxury foods will be lowered by a large percentage.

Vital needs[]



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Quaternary needs[]

Luxury access

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