Welcome to the Official Porcopedia
Welcome to the Official Porcopedia
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About YMIR
Ymir is a 4X multiplayer strategy game combined with a city builder where each player develops a civilization of pigmen starting at the stone age.

The Casus-belli update - Ronchiporc - 2022/06/14 14:53

It’s been a while since the last update. Indeed, as the game moves closer to “release”, I’m trying to favor less frequent updates with more content and hopefully more stable instead of faster paced mo...

The Research overhaul update - Ronchiporc - 2021/10/01 14:51

This update is an overhaul of research and knowledge mechanics, adding the ability to speed-up projects with Research Points, innovation projects to trigger new ideas, diplomatic knowledge transfers (...

The early Incomes update - Ronchiporc - 2021/07/29 13:48

  This update focuses on modifying the mechanics of early income sources. Privileges Notably, Privileges have been completely changed as it was at the center of too many exploits: instead of generatin...

The biggest update - Ronchiporc - 2021/06/21 15:10

This update is the biggest update since the early access release that cumulates more than 9 months of features, exploit-fixes and bug-fixes! Capital buildings This update adds capital buildings: some...

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