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Welcome to the Official Porcopedia
Welcome to the Official Porcopedia
The YMIR guide for Pigmen, Resources, Buildings and more written and maintained by the players.
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About YMIR
Ymir is a 4X multiplayer strategy game combined with a city builder where each player develops a civilization of pigmen starting at the stone age.

The decimal prices update - Ronchiporc - 2020/12/08 18:23

This small update comes to mainly rebalance multiple things related to the price calculation of resources in order to counter price-gouging explotis used to generate easily very high incomes. Arbitrag...

Improving the Civilization Points Update - Ronchiporc - 2020/10/30 20:51

This update focuses on polishing the previous update that introduced the Cultural system with Civilization Points. Based on community feedback and experience from the ongoing games, it rebalances many...

The Civilization Points Update - Ronchiporc - 2020/08/21 14:43

The Civilization Points Update Adds Cultural policies, resource consumption choices, production specializations, battle balance improvements, and server performances improvements.   Civilization Point...

The Jewelry update - Ronchiporc - 2020/06/23 14:25

The Jewelry update Adds jewelry production chain and solo/realtime game mode improvements with new game missions to secure early game key techs and improved game speed controls.   New missions This up...

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