Icon ressources.png Pottery
Unlocked by Pottery
Type Resource
Produced by Potter
Made from Clay, fuel
Used for Beer, Cider, Olive oil, Rum, Wine
Used in Brewery, Cider, Olive press, Rumery, Wine cellar
Used by Population

Pottery is a Resource available in the Stone Age. It is unlocked by researching the Pottery Knowledge.

Pottery is used to fulfill the Furnishing population need and is used in the production of Alcohol. It is one of the earliest consumer goods and can be used to make a profit during the Barter phase of the game.

Pottery is made by the Potter from Clay, Water and one source of fuel such as Wood, Charcoal or Coke.


Building Cost per Unit Produced
Workforce Clay Water Fuel
Potter 1 0.27 0.09 0.72 Wood
0.18 Charcoal
0.18 Coke