The Soil Miner is a mature-settlement gathering building which can harvest useful industrial inputs from Soil tiles. Early on, the Soil Miner is primarily used to procure Mud for construction purposes. In later eras, it also becomes an important supplier for the Brickworks when crafting defenses or upgrading production buildings.

Dirt tiles for Mud production can be found virtually anywhere, while Ash tiles typically appear as small deposits similar to Ore. Peat tiles (for Charcoal) can only appear in Nordic swamps but are often wildly abundant in those territories.


Appearance Building Level Unlocked By Build Cost Base Efficiency Tile Radius Workers Profession
Brickworks 1 1.png 1 Mud Building 2 Hammers

2 Wood

1.0 15 2 Miner


Resource Building


Need per Unit Gathered
Workforce Soil
Mud 1 1.0 100 tiles
Ashes 1 1.0 1 tile
Charcoal* 1 2/3 200 tiles

* Peat tiles found in Nordic climates convert directly into Charcoal when gathered by the Soil Miner. It's recommended to use Ground Storages to block all Dirt tiles within the Soil Miner's radius to maximize how much of their Workforce goes toward Charcoal production.