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Icon ressources.png Spears

Produced by
Weapon Maker
Used by

A Spear is a long pointed weapon, allowing one to do thrusting attacks from a significant range. They are among the most effective weapons for fighting in formation.

Spears are unlocked by the Spear knowledge this knowledge comes around in Copper age.

Troops that can be trained with spears:

Production[edit | edit source]

To make 1 Spear you need 0.5 Wood and 0.5 Copper or 0.2 Bronze or 0.2 Iron or 0.1 Steel.

Building Cost per Spear produced
Workforce Wood Copper
Weapon-maker 2.0 0.83 0.66

This page references the object Spears. For the Knowledge required to create Spears, please see Spear.[edit | edit source]