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Tax collector

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'''Tax Collectors''' are an advanced governmental building which offers the Tax Collection ([[File:Taxcollect.png|35px]]) service to the public. The primary function of this service is to teach porcos how to properly pay their taxes and reduce the mistakes, cheating, or forgetfulness that make up "public corruption" losses in Tax Revenue.
== Taxcollector ==
The Taxcollector reduces waste by ensuring population pays their taxes correctly. Produces the resource Tax collection.
== State Income ==
Resource: [[File:Taxcollect.png]]
The total effect of Tax Collectors depends on three factors:
* % Access to the Tax Collection service
Building: [[File:Tax_2_1.png]] [[File:Tax_4_1.png]]
* % Waste from public corruption (increases with population)
* Tax Revenue of the territory
In most cases, the Coin income from Tax Collectors is roughly equal to all three of these factors multiplied together. However, the actual Waste reduction services are shown separately on the Economy page of each territory and can deviate depending on the Wealth distribution of the porcos purchasing its services.
While it's possible for any city to reach '''0% Waste from public corruption''', players may reach a soft cap on % Access to the Tax Collector service whenever some populations do not have enough Wealth to purchase it.
== Buildings ==
{| class="wikitable" style="text-align:center;"
! style="padding: 8px" |Appearance
! style="padding: 8px" |Building Level
! style="padding: 8px" |Unlocked By
! style="padding: 8px" |Build Cost
! style="padding: 8px" |Base Efficiency
! style="padding: 8px" |Workers
! style="padding: 8px" |Profession
! style="padding: 8px" |Movable
![[Transaction tracking|Transaction Tracking]]
[[Bronze working|Bronze Working]]
!5 [[Shovels]]
10 [[Hammers]]
15 [[Stone]]
![[File:Red x.svg|30x30px|frameless]]
![[Taxation (Knowledge)|Taxation]]
[[Iron working]]
[[Plaster (Knowledge)|Plaster]]
!10 [[Saws]]
5 [[Stoneblocs]]
5 [[Planks]]
5 [[Plaster]]
![[File:Red x.svg|30x30px|frameless]]
''* For unknown reasons, the Tax Collector building skips Level 3.''
== Production ==
'''To find out how much your buildings will produce, look up your current Workforce and divide it by the Needed Workforce for that recipe.'''
{| style="text-align:center;" class="wikitable"
! style="padding: 8px" rowspan="2" |Recipe
! style="padding: 8px" rowspan="2" |Building
! style="padding: 8px" colspan="6" |<u>Cost per Unit Produced</u>
! style="padding: 8px" |Workforce
! style="padding: 8px" |[[Clay]]
! style="padding: 8px" |[[Paper]]
Resource!style="padding: 8px" rowspan="2" |[[File:Taxcollect.png]]

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