State power is the capacity of your state to manage things. Power policies define how the political power is organized in the state, generating State power and affecting different types of legitimacies State power increases the loyalty of territories.

State power is influenced by:

  • Power policies
  • Policies maintenance
  • Territories
  • Debt
  • Treaties maintenance
  • State Power transfers
  • Civics maintenance
  • Nation
  • Maintenance of formations

State Power[]

Power Policies[]


Warning : You cannot have 2 society policies at the same time


Policies Maintenance[]



Debt reduces State power.

Treaties maintenance[]

  • All active treaties cost a certain amount of State Power to be maintained, depending on the nature of the terms.

State Power transfers[]

  • State Power being transferred to or from other governments due to current active treaties.

Civics maintenance[]


Cost = state power transferred from subordinates + state power transferred to superior + Subordinate Cost (direct subordinates + total subordinates + (average distance of direct subordinates * direct subordinates))

Maintenance of formations[]

  • Each formation you own can cost some state power.
    • Militia : -0
    • Army : -5
    • National Army : -3