I have a problem with game resolution!!![]

When I started a game in a first time, I've changed the GUI size in settings that totally crashed the game... The problem is that I can not click on settings bar in the main menu to change it, I can not even see the "settings" button because of this crazy resolution! Re-starting and re-installing of the game didn't change anything. HELP!!!

the solution :

X:\Users\user\AppData\Local\Ymir open"settings.ini" find "ui_size="XXX"" change XXX to 1

New To YMIR and Having Server Issues When Starting Tutorial[]

Hi. I just installed YMIR and tried to start the Tutorial but received the error message "Connection to the server localhost: 14804 failed after 10 attempts! Check the server address is correct. If you are the server host, make sure you are properly forwarding port 14804 TCP/UDP to your server machine!"

Can someone help and advise what I need to do?