Textiles are a Resource in YMIR.

Textiles are used by the Carpet maker to make Rugs.

Textiles can also be used byt the Cloth maker to make cloth.

Textiles are also important in making Padded armour. This armour type is used by a lot of mid game units like the Longbowpig

Textile is made by the Weaver.

Textile can be made from Flax, Wool or Cotton.

Caution: textiles are not a population need. With Barter on, there is a bug where porcos will create a demand for it without paying. Workaround - destroy all annexes attached to a Weaver.

Production rate[]

Base cost - 1.5 manhours

  • Weaver lvl 1 - 1.0 building efficiency
  • Weaver lvl 2 - 1.4 building efficiency