The Town Hall is a Building that becomes available upon researching the Town Administration Knowledge. It provides the Administration resource when populated. It is also required for upgrading a territorial status to Town.

This building can be built directly from the build menu, or can be upgraded to from an existing Community hall.

The building will only activate when the territory has been upgraded to the Town status.


Appearance Building Level Unlocked By Build Cost Base Efficiency Workers Profession
Townhall 1 1.png 1 Village Center 20 Hammers
15 Stone
30 Wood
2.0 5 Officials
Townhall 2 1.png 2 Town Administration 20 Axes
25 Stone
40 Wood
15 Mudbricks
300 Money
2.5 10 Officials
Townhall 3 1.png 3 City Administration 35 Shovels
30 Marble
40 Planks
25 Bricks
1000 Money
3 20 Officials