A warm humid land found near the equator. The average fertility of tropical regions is 2. Tropical tiles on average are highly forested and can give a lot of Wood.

Tropical tiles have a innate -5 Health debuff.

Tropical regions are the only regions in the game that can grow four different food types. All of the food types that can be grown in tropical regions are also specific to the tropical climate and cannot be grown in any other climate. Besides the 4 food crops there is Sugarcane, a crop specifically for Alcohol production. The tropical region lacks a Crop to make Cloth, and instead relies on Llamas.


Resource crops:



Tropical is considered to be the toughest start in the game because of its -5 Health. This makes it hard to build up a sizable population early game. To combat this it is highly advised to gather all 4 food crops this biome has to offer and provide them at a high satisfaction % most often you will also have acces to fish this is a great boon in the early game since a single fish tile can give up to 6.8 Fish (in the late game), it is also highly recomended you house your entire population in the most modern houses giving you a health bonus.

The health debuff is mostly negated by the Doctor (Building) after Herbalism comes in. you will stil have a smaller population then your non-tropical counterparts and thus can field a smaller army then them you will need to be mindfull of this before and after a war erupts.

The tropical tiles are able to grow Buffalo wich are considerd to be the strongest animals grown for food the food they produce is on par with any other animal but the Leather they produce is substantialy higher then any other animal. this will allow you to satisfy the Clothing need with Leathercloth (This is to comensate the lack of any Textile/Cloth crop). With the Leathercloth you can make Eagle Warrior and Pitsotl if you have acces to Obsidian.