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Notes:[edit | edit source]

The swampy update Improving swamps, nordic region’s balance and herds gameplay.

Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • fixed misc issues and bugs

Changes[edit | edit source]

  • increased frequency of swamps and lakes in nordic climate.
  • increased frequency of sheep and rabbits in nordic climate.
  • improved swamp terrain generation. added more topographic diversity and swamps now connect with other adjascent ones.
  • herds will now continuously spawn all over the world map.
  • herds now grow with time
  • herds now randomly move from region to region
  • bigger herds of elephants and mammoths.
  • elephants and mammoths are now only present as herds ( no more permanent region spawns )

Added features[edit | edit source]

  • added global climate health bonuses/malus. nordic regions-> health bonus +10. tropical regions-> health malus -5.
  • added new terrain type: peat. produces ‘charcoal’ directly exploitable from the ground with the ‘soil miner’ building. It’s present in nordic swamps.
  • added global health malus of -5 in swamps.
  • new “capture” action for formations (with the animal capture tech), which is a hunt focusing on capturing live animals from herds instead of killing them for meat. This action loots only livestock resources but no meat or leather.
  • added new “elephant riding” tech to unlock ability to recruit mounted elephants and mammoths.
  • added agriculture tutorial
  • added barter transition tutorial
  • added a lot of missing project & ideas texts

Source[edit | edit source]