Walls used in conjunction with natural defenses and a Tower to protect the city's stockpile. The outer walls are Mudbrick while the inner walls use Cobblestone, to maximize defender power.

Walls, Gates, and Natural Barriers are the fundamental defensive tools in Ymir and critical for protecting your settlements against Barbarians and hostile players. Although they can temporarily block the movement of enemy units, any defensive fortification can be Sieged and overcome with enough effort by attackers.

Walls and Gates are built instantly and cannot be moved once placed.

Stats Comparison[]

Defensive Stats

  • Structure - Equivalent to a health-pool, this determines the base time required to Siege it. Attackers usually focus on the fortifications with lowest combined Structure (which also includes natural barriers like tall cliffs and deep water).
  • Solidity - Equivalent to armor rating, it applies a percentage slow against Siege speed.
  • Cover - Provides Armor against Ranged Attacks for all units in the lee of a wall (this is determined by the formation leader standing within 1 tile of the wall and applies to all units following them).

An important strategic factor in defensive designs is that Cover applies to all units nearby, including enemies attempting to Siege the wall or use Ranged Attacks against defenders. This makes wall types with lower Cover preferable for "outer" or first-breached walls in any multi-layered defense as it leaves attackers more vulnerable to Ranged Attacks.


Walls are the most commonly-used defensive fortification and neither friendly nor enemy units can pass through them. It's common for players to stack multiple layers of Walls for additional Structure, but attackers may change focus to weaker areas of the fortifications in response. "Maze" tactics to trick units into pathing around Walls generally do not work in Ymir.

Appearance Wall Name Design Unlocked By Build Cost Structure Solidity Cover Maintenance
Wall 1 1.png Palisade Basic Sedentism 1 Wood 12 10 5 0.15
Wall 2 1.png Mudbrick
Custom Sword Icon.png
Mudbricks 2 Mudbricks 12 8 4 0.10
Wall 3 1.png Cobblestone
Custom Guard Icon.png
Stone building

Mud building

3 Stone

2 Mud

12 10 6 0.10
Wall 4 1.png Brick
Custom Sword Icon.png
Masonry 2 Bricks 12 10 5 0.10
Wall 5 1.png Stoneblock
Custom Guard Icon.png
Stonecutting 2 Stoneblocks 12 15 7 0.20


Gates provide access to walled in areas to friendly troops, while keeping the enemy out during an attack.

While they are difficult to unlock and expensive to both build and maintain, Gates provide no Cover at all to enemy troops and allow Ranged units to decimate any formations that attempt to breach them. This makes them ideal as the primary breach point in any defensive design.

Appearance Gate Name Design Unlocked By Build Cost Structure Solidity Cover Maintenance
Gate 1 0 1.png Wooden
Double Sword Icon.png
Sedentism 2 Wood 10 7 0 4
Gate 2 0 1.png Strong
Double Sword Icon.png
Bronze Working 3 Bronze

3 Planks

10 15 0 10
Gate 3 0 1.png Reinforced
Double Sword Icon.png
Construction Planning

Iron working

3 Iron

3 Planks

10 20 0 20

Natural Barriers[]

Every efficient defensive design tries to incorporate natural barriers where available to reduce the maintenance costs and potential directions of attack. While exact stats are not available, the Structure cost associated with each barrier provides a rough guide for when attackers will attempt to Siege terrain rather than (or in addition to) breaching multiple layers of other fortifications.

Appearance Terrain Name Design Unlocked By Build Cost Structure Solidity Cover Maintenance
150px Tall Cliffs Basic Free - ~30 0 0 -
150px Deep Water Basic Free - ~18 0 0 -