Icon ressources.png Wood
Type Resource
Produced by Woodcutter
Made from Natural patches
Used for  • Building Construction
 •  Charcoal
 •  Fuel (Potter, Foundry, Bakery)
 •  Planks
Used by  •  Units
 •  Pottery
 •  Charcoal clamp
 •  Foundry
 •  Sawmill

Wood is a important Resource in the game YMIR. It does not require a Knowledge to be unlocked and is available from the start of the game, nor does it require a Civilization Point in IconSkills.png Cultural Skills to be produced.

Wood is gathered by the Woodcutter.

Wood is used as a building material in the very early game, becoming much more important as the game progresses beyond the most basic technology. Some buildings only require wood to be built, such as the Palisade and Wooden gate.

Wood can also be used as a fuel for buildings like the Potter and the Foundry. Wood can later on be replaced by more efficent fuels like Charcoal and Cokes.

Wood is also used by Warrior, Wolf Warrior, and Bearserker units as a weapon.

Gather rate[]

Wood is gathered at 0.01 or 0.02 wood pertree (depending on whether it is rounded up or down). The Woodcutter does not differentiate between trees; all trees produce the same amount per tree.

Wood cannot be gathered from Farm annexes like the Apple tree and the Date Trees.

Wood can also not be gathered from bushes and or shrubbery.

Gather rates in total:

(Note rates may vary due to state policies)

Used in[]

  • Construction (mainly)


-Wooden gate

  • Fuels