The Woodcutter is a gathering building available from the start of the game. It will harvest any non-agricultural tree in its proximity to produce the basic resource Wood, necessary in the construction of most basic Buildings. Upgraded versions of the Woodcutter not only increase base efficiency (the quantity of trees harvested per building) but also the area of influence from which they can be gathered.

Placing a Woodcutter will not remove trees over time.


Appearance Building Level Unlocked By Build Cost Base Efficiency Tile Radius Workers Profession
Lumber 1 1.png 1 Free 2 Hammers

1 Leather

0.6 22 3 Woodcutter
Lumber 2 1.png 2 Metallurgy 2 Axes

2 Leather

0.8 25 2 Woodcutter
Lumber 3 1.png 3 Bronze working 2 Shovels

2 Axes

1.3 27 2 Woodcutter
Lumber 4 1.png 4 Steel 2 Saws

2 Axes

2 Shovels

2.0 30 2 Woodcutter


Resource Building


Need per Unit Gathered
Workforce Trees
Wood 1 1.3 80 tiles*

* Gathering tiles does not consume them over time